Step by step guidelines for makeup tutorials:

Everyone has a different kind of makeup technique but they should know about the best makeup techniques for motivation and inspiration for other women. Every skin has a maximum amount of cosmetics applied on the facial characters and there which cannot be minimized and maximized with I will be sharing in the following steps. There are step by step guidelines for makeup tutorials because these days everyone is getting inspired by makeup tutorials and writing and everyone wants to become a blogger or makeup artist. You can easily do this by the following steps. Makeup consist of

  1. Foundation
  2. Primer
  3. Counselor
  4. Mascara
  5. Liner
  6. Lipstick/lipbalm
  7. Highlighter


Every skin type consists of different types of foundation to be applied on if there are several kinds of foundation available in the online market Such as liquid foundation, cake foundation, high coverage foundation shine foundation. Foundation helps to cover all the dead skin cells and pimples and acne from the the face and it is applied to to give even skin tone appearance on the face. Foundation is a slide with various things on the face to give an elegant look and perfect makeup solution. If the foundation is applied by hand it will give anyone an appearance on your face which will not look good on your face so you should apply foundation with beauty and blend it well.


Primer is a liquid kind of invisible elastic thing which is applied before the foundation to fix the foundation on the face for a long term. Primer has a specific kind of ingredient added to it like a serum to give the final appearance of the foundation.


Concealers of many skin color tones with every skin do not suit. Concealers are applied after the foundation to make the foundation more thick and cover all the dark patches and extra things from the face. Mascara: Mascara is applied on the eye lashes to make the eyelashes big and prominent in the eye surface. Mascara of a good brand will give you volume of your eyes otherwise it will not be so prominent. Liner: Liner applied on the eyes to give shape to the eyes with different structures which will make your face surface prominent. With the help of mascara and liner you can enhance the beauty of your eyes and this will help to bring up eyes color prominent among all.

Lipstick/ lipbalm:

Lipstick and lip balm applied on let’s to enhance the beauty of the lips and giving them prominent structures You should always apply lipstick and lip balm according to the color of your dress and eye makeup. It will give a beautiful look to your facial features.


Highlighter is applied on the the below the surface of eyebrows and above to make them from minute when the light reflects on your face your face will shine at give elegant look to your face this will help you to enhance the makeup tutorials and inspire others by your makeup look.

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