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Cellulite and localized adiposity are often confused. In localized adiposity, the adipose tissue is not “inflamed” and there are no alterations in the microcirculation. The accumulation of adipose tissue, in fact, has fat cells that are normal in shape and function

Cellulite, on the other hand, arises from an alteration of the microcirculation and the formation of connective tissue that prevents lymphatic drainage.

Oxygeno-clasis (aka Oxy-Shape) is a medical technique which involves intra-adipose infiltrations of medical oxygen, which induces fat burning by oxidation with a reduction of localized adiposity (stubborn fat reduction); the release of free radicals cause damage of the adipocytes with consequent reduction both in number and in volume.

The use of oxygen in Aesthetic Medicine is excellent when reserved for the demolitive therapies of excess fat (Oxygen-clasis).

The increase in the concentration of O2 determined by the injection of Medical Oxygen during the Oxygen-clasis procedure determines the destruction of the adipocytes with a consequent reduction in the volume of the adipose tissue.

Since oxygen is a substance with a weak tendency to dissolve in water and the biological tissues are very rich in water, the infiltration of oxygen into the fat tissue through oxygen-clasis leads to a precise localization at the point of introduction.

This confirms that Oxygen-clasis is an absolutely safe therapy and does not create problems for other noble tissues that must not be damaged!

Another very important thing to highlight about oxygen-clasis is that the production of free radicals occurs only within the fat cell (our target!) . This allows a self-limitation of the destruction process because it stops with the desired elimination of the fat cell.

Oxygen-clasis is therefore a modern and practical medical treatment for the reduction / elimination of fat pads (excellent also in lipomas!) Without incurring the risks that we can find instead in surgical approaches.

In conclusion, we can say that the infiltration of medical oxygen into the adipose tissue:

  1. determines reduction of excess volumes in localized fat;

  2. remains inside the fat cells in the treated area avoiding damage in other surrounding tissues;

  3. does not produce a general increase in Rom-s (free radicals);

  4. improves the concentration of oxyhemoglobin in the areas surrounding the treatment, leading to an improvement in the appearance of the skin by activating metabolic exchanges

So oxygen-clasis represents, today, the preferential medical treatment for the reduction of excess fat in the body. Read more about Bellezza Clinic London Oxy-Shape (Oxygen-clasis) treatment.

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