Summer Garden Project – the Planters!

My sister is entirely to blame for this.  I think I told you guys, she offhandedly noted that the big deck I have that wraps around more than half of my house really needed some planters full of flowers.  Welp.  I bought half the planters I need (budget!!!), got bags and bags of dirt (OMG so expensive!), then spent a small fortune in annuals.  I can’t pause to think what this “little” project has cost without making my wallet cry, but next year I don’t have to spend for the dirt a, so it will be not so big going forward, except the water bill and the other half of the planters I need to get next year – then just annuals and water. When did water go up so much?

Now, this is what the front half with all the deck looks like. The planters go around the end of the deck, and then I moved two to the back, just so the back side of my house had some love, and the deck over the garage (far right at the prow of the house deck) seemed like it really didn’t need that much in flowers yet hanging above it.  I added the hanging baskets, will have more next year (budget!), I think I need like 12-14 more planter boxes to completely finish it off, maybe a little more.

More plants have gone in pots in the back from last post. They are all growing like crazy – lots of rain and heat. The plumeria is blooming, the gardenia is completely covered in new blooms, the camellia is slow to do anything, I need to see if I’m doing something wrong there. She looks healthy, but just not doing much. Banana tree and mango tree are exploding – will get backyard pictures next time, along with some veg garden pics!  I have a bazillion cantaloupes set on my vines that are bigger than a golfball now. Sooooo!  Google tells me that they will be ripe in about 35 days – end of July!  Watermelons are a little behind that, so probably August for them.  I’m just worried that these vines will be able to support all the little melon saperlings on them!

I’ve studied and know I keep the water on them until they get the size of a baseball (the watermelons, maybe the canteloupe, am checking into that now), then you start watering a little less, and about two weeks out from them being ready, you pull the water. This baffles me, how will I know when they are about 14 days away from being ripe?  Stripes become distinct, big flashing sign goes off? This whole thing is a puzzle that’s fun, but frustrating.  It sorta sounds like I need to start pulling water off of the cantaloupes now too so they get enough sugar set in the fruit.  Do I have an expert on this that reads this blog? Help!

Pulling cucumbers out almost every day to eat. Tomatoes are set on, about  a half dozen that I can easily see. I really, really like this farming thing. For a girl who grew up on a farm and hated ALL of it, this is surprising.  I’m eyeing my front lawn and thinking how I can turn the half that is out of the shade into a little orchard – I have started with two peach trees, just need to keep going next year.

So what does the ambitious old gardener wear for perfume?  Heretic Dirty Coconut, it seems. It’s like the right amount of light milky sweet with some earthiness for the summer heat – it blends in with what you’re doing and smelling, but adds something to it. Tough for me to find something I love to wear regularly in the summer, but this one I just keep grabbing on my way through the perfume room. I’m not that familiar with the Heretic line, but I find myself liking the ones I have tried a lot. That sent me down some indie rabbit holes that… well, I have complaints.  Here is just one:

I really like supporting small craft perfume lines, but why do they have to make the labeling so difficult to read?  Make whatever fancy brand label you want with dumb lettering I can’t read, but please, please, please, just put a nice plain label somewhere on the bottle with the name of the perfume printed neatly, Heretic isn’t guilty of this, this is just an aside on stuff I noticed with other, smaller craft perfume brands.

Winners of the Dusita sample set  – AnnJune.  Just click the Drop Us a Note at the top, send me an email with your address, remind me what you won. I will give you a quick reply “Got it!” email so you know it didn’t wind up in my spam filter and get the sample out to you. Congrats, I hope you love it!

Will do as drawing for two samples of the Heretic Dirty Coconut, which is super fun for summer!  If you could plant your dream garden, would you plant A) an orchard?  B) Veg garden?  C) All flowers?  D) Tropical plants?  E) Or ALL the things?  You know what I picked here – E, E, E and then E again.



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