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Sunny Days and A Zoya Darling Floral Dotticure


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It’s been a toasty week as we’ve been in the 90’s, and I think we just might hit triple digits at some point this weekend! The plants have been loving the weather and throwing out blooms, and I had to grab the Zoya Darling Collection for another floral manicure.

I really loved my Monet/Impressionist painting-inspired florals from the previous week, but I wanted a more obvious floral look this time around. I opted to go with a quick dotticure version for a fast nail art design.

To create the look, I started off with Zoya Tweedy as my base shade. I then used a dotting tool to create different sized petals using Val and Joyce. I then dotted Mara over Val and Kayleigh over Joyce.

I love dotticures because you really cannot mess them up, and you can come up with some cute designs if you want something other than a randomly sprinkling of dots (which I also love).

Have you picked up Zoya’s Darling Collection for Spring 2021? Zoya has also released their new EasyNeon Collection as a preorder for those eager to get some eye-searing brights on their nails! I’m enjoying the spring shades a lot right now, but with our temps soaring, I’m going to want to brights soon!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


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