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Swatch party: Natasha Denona mini palettes


This is a swatch party! 😀 Natasha Denona mini palettes are some of my favorites for several reasons. Quality is wonderful, the shimmers are luminous, creamy and special, and the harmony of colors is always on point. Plus this is a small format and therefore less expensive than a big palette. 

I also always like the color combinations and this pushes me to try and coordinate colors I wouldn’t have tried together. These mini palettes make me more creative. Although they have pop of colors, they are still very easy to wear for daytime plus you can also deepen them up for a more glam look. Overall, they’re super versatile! If you want to try Natasha Denona but don’t want to invest in a bigger palette, they’re definitely a good option.

As I have almost all the mini palettes (except the tropic one), I decide to swatch all of them and show them here. In-between, a brand new mini palette just launched (the mini love). I haven’t bought it yet but will soon and I’ll share swatches when I get it 😀

I won’t do much talking but will let the swatches speak for themselves.

The palettes look a bit dirty, but well..they’ve been well loved!

Mini Nude – this is my very first Natasha Denona palette…and not my last one! This is THE perfect nude palette. The colors are just beautiful and compliement every skin tone so well. I have a big crush for the second shade from the right, this is the most beautiful lid color for me! love it! The colors look a bit warm in my swatches, they look more true to what you see in the gif.

Mini Sunset this is the only palette I haven’t used much, probably because that’s not really my type of colors, it’s a bit too warm and I don’t really wear red eye shadows very often. Anyway, it’s still a nice palette if you like the colors.

Mini Star – a very unique color combo! and I absolutely love it! I love everything in it from the deep, super sparkly greenish gold to the lighter duochrome teal-brown to the neutral mattes. You can create neutral looks but can add a pop of color and fun. This is a very well thought palette.

Mini Gold – for me, this is the big sister of the mini star. At first, they seem to be in the same family of tones, but they’re completely different. This isn’t such a gold palette in my opinion, you get more a green vibe out of it, which I actually really like. This is quite difficult to find good green mattes that suit me, but this one does! yay~

Mini Glam – this is one of my go-to palette. When I don’t know what to wear or want a classic, chic and beautiful eye look, this is the palette I go for. On me, this is the most beautiful nude palette ever. I loved it so much that I decided to get the big Glam palette. I haven’t tried the big Glam palette too much yet since I got it for a few weeks only but I almost have the impression that I even prefer the mini one..let’s see!

Mini Retro – this is a beautiful spring palette. Color-combination is beautiful as well! I maybe wish that the kaki would look a bit more kaki on me. I think it depends to your skin color and tone, it can look like a true kaki to a more brown or grey color.

Mini Zendo – oh, this one! I didn’t think I would like this one as much as I do. I almost wanted to skip it but then when I saw it at my local Sephora, I had to get it 😀 I thought it would be too warm for my liking but I’m not sure what magic is in this palette, but it looks just perfect on my skin tone! And I really like the central silver shade. This shade actually made me like silver! I say silver, but this is a brown silver, I am actually not sure if it is more brown or more silver or in-between…whatever it is, it is gorgeous!

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Natasha Denona products are available at Sephora Switzerland, Natasha Denona website, Cult Beauty and Beautylish.

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