Teo Cabanel Ca Boum Review

Teo Cabanel Ça Boum by Olya Bar

The story dates back to 1893 when Theodore Cabanel began composing precious Eaux de Cologne and Quintessence for handkerchiefs. In 2000, Caroline Ilacqua inherited the perfume house and the story of the Cabanel family; together with the notebooks full of enchanting perfume formulas ready to be revived. The time has come to tell a new story using new ingredients, fresh perspective and urban French flair.

Patrice Revillard perfumer

Patrice Revillard courtesy of the perfumer

Teo Cabanel Ça Boum composed by Patrice Revillard starts with a blast of solar accord and a pinch of salt, inspired by the bewitching “Sand Lily” which grows in sand and grasslands. It has a fleshy, slightly solar sweet fragrance that has an iodized vibe to it, as if someone washed a bouquet of white flowers in the sea and left it dripping wet under the blazing sun. The heart is filled with jasmine and rose duo, but it feels subdued and restrained, letting the sand lily take the stage. There is a whiff of dryness in the fragrance, brought on by immortelle, adding a sweet scent of hay with fresh honey, wafting in the air during the fall harvest.

Teo Cabanel Ca Boum

photo by Olya Bar©

 Teo Cabanel Ça Boum feels not only comfortable to wear, but it fits into all occasions and styles. It feels raw yet finished, soft yet confident, elegant yet approachable.  It’s one of the most modern takes on vanilla; an urban filter, a fragrance you could wear as second skin. Ça Boum is a vibe, a peaceful state of mind when you feel like yourself, and it feels good and uncomplicated. It effortlessly found its way into my everyday life; I find myself reaching for it for comfort and pleasure of wearing something familiar. By taking my bottle upon receiving it to the beach with me this perfume became etched in my olfactory memory – a perfect day, chasing the last sunrays of the season.

Beautiful beach sunsets

Sunset on the beach By Olya Bar©

 Ça Boum smells like the hour when day gives in to night and summer gives way to fall; the air feels a tad chillier, yet the sun still caresses you with its gentle touch. I cling to the last few days of warmth, as my skin tingles from the cool salty breeze. There is nothing quite like slipping into the ocean during sunset, letting the water softly wrap itself around you -invigorating, exciting, and calming all at once. Aren’t we all chasing that exact thing when we reach for something we adore? That’s Ça Boum in a nutshell.

Notes: Sand Lily, Salt, Jasmine, Rose,  green Vanilla, Immortelle.

Olya Bar, Contributor

Teo Cabanel generously provided a bottle of Ça Boum. The opinions are always my own.

Ca Boum by Teo Cabanel

Teo Cabanel Ca Boum by Olya Bar⌐

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