Textured Hair is Everywhere

2020 was the tipping point (in the mainstream beauty market) for textured hair care, treatment, and styling products.

Now in 2021 hair care is on track to be the ‘it’ category. And with the global hair care market set to grow by nearly $5bn between 2020 and 2024 (according to data from Stylus Innovation​) and shifting consumer demographics accounting for a substantial rise in the numbers of consumers with textured hair in the Americas region, beauty ingredient makers, personal care product formulators, and brand leaders are all turning their attention to textured hair.

Heritage beauty ingredient manufacturers are targeting textured hair

Numerous specialty chemical and ingredient companies are developing technologies, product prototypes, and marketing campaigns relevant to the textured hair movement.

BASF Care Creations, for instance, has a concept called Exclusively HerCare to help meet demand for textured hair care innovations. According to a news release posted to the company’s site​ in May of 2020, “BASF adapted straight-hair test methods, namely wet combing, to support claims substantiation specific to textured hair care product ingredients and developed five formulations for textured hair, including two masks, a conditioner, a gel styler and hair butter.”

Clariant has a new collection of 6 product prototypes collectively called The Curl Project​. The ingredient maker has developed a conditioning cleanser (or co-wash), a hair mask, a conditioning and defining cream, scalp soothing ampoules, root treatment ampoules, and edge control gel using, of course, several Clariant ingredients such as Plantasens Carefeel Light, Nipaguard SCP, and K-Oleo in the root treatment product.

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