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If you think the task of
removing eye makeup is a simple no-brainer, my
experience with hundreds of adult
acne clients over the years shows a different picture.  Why? 
It’s just removal of makeup, what’s the big deal?
Removal of a stubborn
coating of mascara involves quite a bit of rubbing.   Thing
is, depending on the material used with makeup remover, it can also involve microscopic
scratching.  This results in two really
important problems.

According to the “Inflammation Theory of Aging”, any inflammation that
happens in the skin creates a kind of sensitivity that makes the aging process edge just a little closer.
Even before that, this sensitivity, especially with the eye area being
as thin as it is, can be unpleasant.  After a nasty bout with allergies I can end up with an eye rubbing session that makes my lower eye area feel like it’s on fire.  To repair,
this is the eye cream I use.  For info on eye creams and Adult Acne, learn more from a post I wrote some time ago.
In addition, the skin has this
really nifty way of repairing microscopic tears that result from all the
scratching.  It creates teeny little
balls of wax, oil, lipid and dead skin cells to plug them up, adding more
surface area so whatever’s been scratching your skin so much will scratch them
instead (well, that’s the theory, anyway). 
These little pearls right
at the surface of the skin, you know, the ones that can’t be squeezed out
unless you’re willing to gouge them out, are called Milia (singular Milium, but
nobody says that, we just use the same word for single and plural).
Makeup remover with cotton-rounds or makeup remover wipes which is better?

I see milia quite a bit in
practice.  I also see a lot of
breakouts on the very upper cheeks right below the eye area.
Pore clogging ingredients from moisturizing
makeup removers get pushed into pores, while some cleansing cloths leave a pore
clogging film.
  When you keep in mind
that pore clogging occurs little by little, molecule by molecule, you can use
any one of these products for a long time without any issues, and then all of a
sudden, BOOM.
  Combine this with the microscopic
scratching from a cloth being used too aggressively, and we’ve got a real mess
on our hands.  But the real mess I see is when people remove leftover mascara with a towel after washing without fully removing mascara first!

Removing leftover #mascara with a towel after washing is a HUGE no no ! This is how you get milia!

So what’s the story?  You have to take your eye makeup off somehow.

A few tips :

  • There is no need for a
    makeup remover to be moisturizing.
    your skincare take care of that.  
    A remover that is
    oil-free, non-clogging, and thorough, always works well with cotton-rounds.
  • You don’t have to rub hard
    or rub back and forth vigorously to do a good job!
  • The only need for a
    remover that is oil-based or even silicone-based is if you’re wearing
    waterproof mascara and/or liner.
    absolutely sure you really need waterproof.
       Experiment first with water-resistant, washable mascaras.   Since oil removes waterproof, if you’re oily
    and have smudging problems, that might explain it.
       On the other hand, I’ve had clients insist
    that the only mascara that never smudged on them was a waterproof one.
      So, if you have to use waterproof, use a
    silicone-based remover, and not an oil-based one.
  • There are cleansing cloths
    that don’t clog pores (very few!), but it’s too easy to use them instead of cleanser at
    night if you’re tired.
      If you remove all
    of your makeup, please don’t neglect to wash your face anyways afterward.
      These cloths all leave a film on your skin –
    it needs to be washed off!


Watch the AcneWhispererTV
video below for a step-by-step review of how best to remove your eye makeup!

            (please excuse the ads,
just payment for naively having background music

            when I made the video… lol  just X it out)

Which makeup remover did I
use?  Here’s the scoop!
Prevent Milia by removing your mascara the right way!

This is by far the best
makeup remover I’ve ever used, not only because it’s so thorough, but because
of its consistency.
  Being a thin gel,
I’m able to put a quarter-size into my hand after removing my eye makeup with
cotton-rounds, and use it like a cleanser to dissolve the makeup on the rest of
my face.
  Then I simply rinse, and
continue right away with
my regular cleanser.  Not
 a stitch of makeup left after I finish washing!

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