The Ayurveda Experience eyes western demand for natural and holistic beauty products

The company was established in 2010 when it started selling courses on Indian philosophy and ideology. From 2017 onwards, the firm pivoted to beauty and started developing and acquiring its Ayurveda skin care brands.

Out of its portfolio of four brands, it currently has three Ayurveda skin care brands, one which is scheduled to launch in the third quarter this year.

Its first beauty brand, iYURA, was developed in house and centres around traditional Ayurveda with a range of beauty oils.

On the other hand, AJARA has a more modern feel and a wider variant of products. The brand was initially developed in the US before being acquired by the firm.

Ayurveda potential

While the firm is based in India, a majority of its sales comes from western markets, including North America, Europe as well as Australia.

The US currently accounts for 65% of the business while Europe, which only started operations in 2020, accounts for 15%. The rest of the company’s sales account of Australia, Canada and India.

Founder Rishabh Chopra told CosmeticsDesign-Asia​ that the company’s success in the western markets show there is a lot of promise for Ayurvedic beauty brands.

He believes this is being driven by the demand for natural and herbal ingredients in cosmetics, a trend that Ayurvedic beauty brands are well equipped to tap on.

He added that demand for its Ayurvedic oils was strong, accounting for approximately 80% of its total business.

With the emphasis on health and wellness amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, Chopra expects global demand to continue rising.

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