The Best Bath Brushes That You Can Buy on Amazon

You know how important it is to exfoliate your face. Use that same care for the rest of your skin. You might not think about your legs, arms or back, but your skin is still hoping for that same skin cell turnover that your face is getting. An easy way to exfoliate, especially when you’re feeling unsatisfied with your body scrub, is a bath brush. These brushes can get in all of those hard-to-reach places, making it easy to exfoliate all of your skin evenly. You should wait until your skin is hydrated with warm water, either in the bath or shower, before lathering up your soap for exfoliating. The dead skin cells and dirt will come off more gently, so you won’t be harming your skin in the process of cleaning it. Shower brushes can also stimulate your blood circulation, which encourages new skin cells to form.

We rounded up the best bath brushes for you. Two of our picks are double-sided, meaning that you basically get two brushes in one. You have the opportunity to gently exfoliate your skin or give it a good scrub. 

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1. Shower Brush with Soft and Stiff Bristles


You can use this brush either wet or dry. When you brush dry, your skin will get tighter and when you brush wet, the purpose is to clean the dirt off your skin. This double-sided exfoliating brush has soft-hair nylon on one side and natural bristles on the other. The brush has a long handle, so you can reach just about anywhere. There’s also non-slip rubber on the handle, so you don’t drop it while scrubbing.

2. Ithyes Body Brush

Ithyes Body Brush


Unlike other bath brushes, this one isn’t too hard or too soft—it’s just right. The bath brush contains nylon hair bristles, which will help stimulate your blood circulation, help with lymphatic drainage and scrub away that dirt and those dead skin cells. It has a long white handle that’ll allow you to reach your back and legs easily. The handle also has a little negative space that you can use to hang it from a hook.

3. Shower Body Brush with Bristles and Loofah

Shower Body Brush with Bristles and Loofah


You get the best of both worlds with this brush. There’s a loofah on one side, which you can use to do a gentler clean, or a bristle brush, which you can use to get rid of dead skin and increase blood circulation. The brush handle is curved, allowing you to hold it easier. You can hang it from the loofah or the end of the brush to dry. You can get this brush in a 14 in. size or a 17 in. size and in blue, pink or gray.

4. DecorRack Bath Brush with Bristles

DecorRack Bath Brush


This long brush has a curved handle, which it’ll make it easier to get to all of those hard-to-reach places. The brush will exfoliate your skin. Plus, it’ll help your lymphatic system and increase blood circulation. It’s surprisingly durable, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or snapping.

5. MainBasics Dual-Sided Shower Brush

MainBasics Shower Brush


This shower brush stands out because the wood is treated to avoid water damage. That means you can scrub away for six to 12 months, depending on how often you use it. The anti-slip grip, hanging rope, soft bristles, and stiff bristles make this dual-sided brush an even better pick for your daily shower routine.

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