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The Best Facial Exfoliator for Smooth, Glowing Skin – OSEA® Malibu

How to Use it: Two Ways

This preservative-free exfoliant is activated by water! Water also helps dissolve our Vitamin C for deeper benefits to your skin. A small pinch is all you need to instantly brighten your face. Add a few drops of water to ¼ tsp of polish and swirl with fingers until a creamy paste forms. Apply to damp face, massaging gently. Let sit a minute, before rinsing. Exfoliate 2-3 times per week, or as often as your skin requires. 

The best part? Vitamin C Probiotic Polish is suitable for just about all skintypes, even sensitive. Hyper sensitive skin? Try this hack! After blending polish with water to activate Vitamin C, combine mixture with a few pumps of soothing Ocean Cleansing Milk for the gentlest exfoliation yet. Skincare minimalists will also love this option as it combines two essential steps in one. Either way you do it, your complexion will feel insanely soft and smooth afterwards.

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