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My dearest Lady Donatella, you are truly a beacon to me (or at least your bleachy blonde hair is beacon-like); as always, I do try to follow your One True Path of Never Enough Perfume.

This quarter, well! I was fairly restrained, considering. (Considering what, you ask? I dunno, it just sounded good.)

So, there were FB purchases:
1. Tom Ford Bitter Peach
2. Miller Harris Dance Amongst the Lace
3. Miller Harris Sublime Blossom
4. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir
5. Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey
6. Guerlain Shalimar Philtre de Parfum
7. Fragonard Beau de Provence
8. Cartier Oud & Oud
9. Cartier Oud & Musc
10. Dyptique Eau Moheli
11. Chanel Paris-Edimbourg

There was an acquisition of a museum piece (ok, vintage stuff bought off Ebay, but still):
12. Diorissimo EdT

There was a charitable contribution (a purchase directly from the artist):
13. Dame Perfumery New Musk EdT

There were mini’s, which are invisible to Donatella:
1. Guerlain Parure parfum
2. Diorissimo parfum
3. EL Tuscany per Donna parfum
4. Kenzo Jungle Le Tigre
5. Kenzo Parfum d’Ete
6. Tauer Cologne du Maghreb
7. Scents of Wood x 3

But do all of these count? I think not. Mini’s never count, nor do charitable contributions, nor museum pieces, I say. I split two of the FBs so let’s count them as ½ a bottle each. Gifts to self don’t count, and there have been several of those this quarter. I deserved gifts for my first covid vaccine shot, and my second (might deserve two for that second shot, my reaction was pretty awful). I have also been on a diet all year, and deserved gifts to self for a couple of diet-related milestones: first, I lost enough weight to make the weight listed on my driver’s license be the actual truth instead of an out-and-out lie; second, I passed the ten-pounds-lost mark.

Considering all that, it appears I acquired 6-ish bottles this quarter. Pretty restrained! BUT WAIT! I sold, swapped, or gave away 15 FB’s and 11 mini’s. So! We have a net loss. Whoops, sorry Lady D! You know I will try harder in the future.

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