The Longevity of a Career in Cosmetology

Looking over the courses we offer at our Wausau, WI
cosmetology school will tell you a lot about cosmetology
education and careers
. As you go through our courses, you’ll see the
different topics you’ll study and the skills you’ll pick up during your

You’ll also see lists of
potential career paths that are determined by the related areas of
concentration. If you focus your studies in cosmetology, for example, you may
want to become a platform artist whereas pursuing work as a medical
aesthetician might be preferable if you study esthiology.

The Future is Bright for Cosmetology School

Depending on what you want to do within the beauty industry,
you may be required to have a license. Before you can sit for the licensing
exam, you’ll need to complete training at a cosmetology school. Some people
question whether attending cosmetology school is worth the expense and time,
but we can assure you that it is.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment
opportunities for barbers, hairstylists and cosmetologists will increase by
eight percent between 2018 and 2028. That’s a growth rate that’s faster than
average compared to other occupations over the same time period.

Cosmetology: A Recession-Proof Industry

It wasn’t long ago that the United States experienced one of
the worst economic downturns in recent memory thanks to a systemic housing
crisis, rising fuel costs, and other factors. While some people working in the
banking and mortgage industries, among others, were forced to seek new jobs,
workers in other fields were comparatively unaffected on a professional level
at least.

In general, cosmetologists, aestheticians and similar
professionals remain immune to recessions and other economic troubles that have
the proven potential to negatively impact the careers of others. The Lipstick
Effect is often cited as one of the reasons for that.

The Lipstick Effect
says that, when faced with
economic challenges, people will bypass larger material purchases in favor of
affordable indulgences to keep up appearances and self-soothe. The cosmetology
industry provides those indulgences for many.

A lot of beauty services have built-in renewal, which is
another reason why the industry thrives and even tends to grow during
challenging economic times. Waxed eyebrows will grow back. Once vibrant skin
will turn dull. Painted nails will chip. Even when money is tight, people will
still need to revisit their local spa or beauty salon for essential services to
keep them looking and feeling their best.

Stamina is the Key

With the beauty industry being recession-proof and the
employment outlook bright, is there anything that can negatively impact the
longevity of a career in the industry? Yes, there is. And it’s stamina.

Depending on the career path you choose to follow, working
in the beauty industry can be physically challenging. Hairstylists are often on
their feet for most of the day, for example. If you don’t keep yourself in good
shape, you may lack the stamina to have a lasting career in the industry.
Luckily, the day-to-day physical requirements of working in the beauty industry
often provide plenty of exercise in their own right, enabling people to stay in
shape and perform their job for however long they choose to.

To learn more about cosmetology education and related career
paths, contact State College of Beauty Culture

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