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Our part time students attend school four evenings a week for 17 months. Usually, part time students have to juggle their education with their personal lives and day job. Part timers are especially hard working; they want to make every minute count, especially when it comes to their education. As such, our part time classes hold a special place in our heart. Here we hear what they have to say about the perks of our part time programs .

All of the students quoted below chose to start school during the pandemic.

Hira PT19

I joined the part time program because I am a full-time college student in the day along with having a job. The time and days of the part time program also allows me the flexibility of keeping my schedule open for work and other extracurriculars, Fridays-Sundays. Despite graduating later than full time, the 4 hours of the part time program keep me focused and allow me the flexibility to kill 3 birds with one stone —college, work, and cosmetology school. Also, I feel that I learn more by going at a steadier pace than in full time. 

Lauren PT19

I works in fashion, and I looking to transition into editorial work after graduation. I want to work on set for photo shoots, TV and movies. I love] being in the school space at night when there are less people in a class to allow more one on one attention. I enjoy attending school; I think it is a good time to start a new career during the pandemic as I am not missing out on anything while the world is shut down.


Wineldy PT19

I am an Admin Assistant during the day. I am enjoying the creativity of the program and I finding ways to balance my work/life schedule. I love being in the school space at night. There’s a lot less people and that means a lot more personal attention for me!


Jennifer PT18

I have a daughter and a job, so my life is a bit of a juggling act right now! While it is not easy, it is my dream and ARROJO has helped me go for it by offering this program. Apart from learning new hairdressing skills, balancing school with my other responsibilities is definitely teaching me to be organized!


Tiffany PT18

I work in the medical field; with the pandemic, my day job is incredibly stressful. Coming to school at night is a great change from all that. The school is pretty quiet at night so I get to work in an intimate environment and with lots of hands-on help from the instructors. The part time program does take a while to complete, but this is giving me time to look at all my options, post graduation. There are so many possibilities, from hair styling, cutting and coloring to hair extensions, skin care, waxing, and makeup. It’s nice to have some time to weigh up which direction will be best for me.


Janice PT18

By day, I am a s safety instructor in training, so part time was my best option. I love the small groups and knock on effect of more personal attention. Part time has made my goal of getting a cosmetology license achievable.



After thinking about beauty school for a long time, I decided on the part time program. Even during a pandemic I think I made a great decision. The school was able to switch to distance learning and learning the theory part of the course online gave me even more time to study, absorb, and grow. Now we get to come back into school, just in time for the hands-on stuff, which has been great. The night class is filled with like-minded, professional and focused people – there is no messing around during evening class!


Steve PT17

Like lots of people I have a job and a dream. Part time means that I don’t have to give up my current career while I pursue my dream of becoming a hairdresser. With the payment plan options for part time, it was also the most affordable option for me.


Ines PT17

Part time allows me to work, and attend school, so I can support myself and learn a new, career-shaping skill. The night class has a different feel to daytime, in my opinion. There’s less people and a more intimate, all for one, one for all feeling that I really love being a part of.




New Part Time weekend class Saturday & Sunday 9am-5:30pm for 17 months June 5 2021-Oct 22 2022


Contact [email protected] or call 212 242 7786 x 231


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