The Protective Serum Your Skin Needs Now

Smile lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, loss of volume — These are the main characteristics that come to mind when I think of aging skin. We typically select skincare (serum, face cream, etc.) that’s formulated to meet the aforementioned challenges. As I progress along my personal journey of maintaining strong, healthy skin — I’ve noticed that my aging skin focus has shifted.

Obviously, I still care about targeting lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, etc., but, lately my skincare approach has been different. Currently, I’m exploring ways to decrease inflammation and build up my skin’s protective barrier, which in turn slows down the triggers that tell my skin to WILD OUT and create wrinkles!

While serum has always been a key step in my routine, most of my serums have always addressed a very specific thing that’s occurring on the surface. But presently my shift is to focus on products that strengthen and restore skin’s protective barrier and nip wrinkle-causing inflammation in the bud before it even reaches the surface.

So, for these reasons I’ve recently decided to add Eighteen B Firm + Replenish Serum ($105) to my repertoire because, like most serums, the lightweight, hydrating face serum instantly replenishes moisture on contact, BUT, unlike other serums I’ve tried, Eighteen B Firm + Replenish also acts a barrier to shut down the penetration of environmental stressors like pollution, smoke, UV radiation, etc.

Skin’s barrier function is super important because it’s what locks out the crap. Your barrier is like the velvet rope situation at an upscale club — it keeps all the riff raff out, helping to keep your skin healthy, calm and free of inflammation (which triggers so much pre-mature aging).

I love that Eighteen B Firm + Replenish Serum is a good companion serum: meaning it plays well in the sandbox with other products in your routine. It’s not going to pick a fight with your Retinol night cream or try to bully your Vitamin C day creme. Your favorite active treatments are all safe along side this lightweight yet powerful, b-silk™ protein based serum. Enriched with skin replenishing Ceramides, Squalane, and Amino, this serum is like a protective, breathable barrier that keeps nourishing close…while giving tricky little skin stressors the “block”.

For the last 6 weeks, I’ve been using Eighteen B Firm + Replenish Serum (day and night) in conjunction with a Retinol lotion and weekly at-home peels. The serum texture blends effortlessly into skin. It absorbs quickly and thoroughly so I am able to move to my next skincare step with ease. The immediate effect on the skin is a light dose of hydration. Skin instantly feels more plump. The biggest cumulative effective I’ve witnessed is firmness – my skin feels stronger and firmer.  And at 44, firmer skin is definitely a goal. By now, I have perfected my cocktail of products for increased brightness or for tackling dark spots. But a product that makes my skin feel stronger and more resilient — this is it! For me, this serum excels in the areas of firmness, hydration, and texture improvement. I wouldn’t “add to cart” if your chief concern is acne, hyperpigmentation or dark spots…it’s not going to move the needle in those areas. But if you are looking to improve skin’s texture (post-acne) and build stronger, more resilient — Eighteen B Firm + Replenish Serum is worth a shot. If your skin is acne prone or if you’re battling hyperpigmentation and using stronger treatments to tackle those concerns, Eighteen B Firm + Replenish Serum might be a good companion product to cycle on and off with, to help keep you skin calm and protected. This serum is nimble enough to work into almost any routine, if paired properly.

*This post is sponsored. Opinions all my own.


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