These Are the Best Gluten-Free Lipstick Shades

When I was diagnosed with celiac disease last year, I was surprised to learn that I would need to make one big change to my beauty routine. Because lipstick can easily get in your mouth, my doctor recommended I check all my go-to shades to make sure they were gluten-free.

So as any good beauty writer would do, I diligently researched every lipstick in my stash. In some cases even calling or emailing brands to learn more about their ingredients and production process when that information wasn’t readily available.

I ditched anything that could potentially have gluten in it and rebuilt my collection. According to the National Celiac Association, some of the top makeup ingredients that contain gluten include wheat, barley, malt, rye, oat, triticum vulgare, hordeum vulgare, secale cereale and avena sativa. So make sure to double-check your lipstick labels.

It’s not just people with celiac disease who should avoid gluten in their lipstick, though. If you’re allergic to wheat, barley or rye or simply sensitive to gluten, you should make the switch, too.

Here are the best gluten-free lipstick shades that deliver gorgeous color minus the irritation.

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Red Apple Lipstick in Rebel!, $25

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