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Taking care of oneself is not
selfish but essential, in the present world where we tend to always put others
first it’s very important to give the same preference to oneself. Having a
healthy mind body and soul would help one live a stress-free happy life.
Putting oneself first is not a bad thing.

Self-care is not easy, we are living
in a fast-moving world, where one is always occupied with something that one
rarely has time for oneself. Busy meeting a deadline, preparing a project or
working for loved one, taking care of loved of course these are important so is
being there and taking care of oneself.

What is self-care?

These are activities taken consciously for the betterment of one’s physical, mental and emotional health. By engaging in self-care one can live a stress free and happy life. Also, as a part of self-care is the relationship we hold with others.

How do you incorporate self-care?

This is nothing fancy, start with
simple basic stuff, this may be making sure you drink a decided number of glasses
of water per day, or exercising 30 min every day. Once you stick to the basics
you can make this your routine and make modifications on the go. Find your
pace. It’s about how you find what is most suitable for you. Include something
you enjoy here and there.

For example, you can look for beauty Melbourne products online, bake or play music, play a sport and more. Write down a plan involving all activities you have planned out, you can either jot this down in a journal or write in a paper and paste it up on the wall so you will be able to see it regularly. And be conscious of what you are doing, often we do things just like that without being present at the moment mindfulness is very important and practice it slowly


This cannot be emphasized enough, our body needs to be recharged after a busy long, therefore its very important to get that 8 hours of sleep, make it a practice, tell yourself that you are going to bed at a particular time and try to stick to that, whatever work you are in put it off and get that sleep. You can have a relaxing bath. Switch off electronic device at least one hour before sleep, stay away from drinks that keeps away sleep like caffeine and avoid eating large meals before bed. If anything, drink calming teas like chamomile which helps in relaxing the body and good for sleep.

Healthy diet

Looking after oneself means feeding
the body with proper nutrition. It’s very important to eat healthy, stay away
from eating outside often cook your meals and be present in that moment. Enjoy
your desserts and other pleasure food but not to an extent where you will fall
sick. Incorporate sufficient protein, fats, carbohydrates vitamins and minerals
in your diet.


Exercising releases hormone like serotonin and dopamine which are known as pleasure hormone and has a positive effect on health. It’s beneficial to engage in some sorts of physical activity for 30 min at least three times a week.

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