This Nashville Salon Is a Modern Steel Magnolias

Six years ago, Lisa Wolfe experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when her two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. Her career as a stylist inevitably took the back seat as she learned to care for her daughter during this stage of her life.

During the initial months of her daughter’s cancer diagnosis, Wolfe began collecting houseplants in an effort to bring a little bit of joy back to each day. Over time, her small collection turned into her very own greenhouse at home. After her daughter spent six months in the hospital, Wolfe started to dream about a safe space where she and her daughter could heal—and so her small greenhouse at home turned into The Greenhouse Salon.

The Nashville-based salon focuses on women empowerment and clean beauty. “Think of Greenhouse like a modern-day Steel Magnolias,” Wolfe says. “Women hanging out, foils on head, chatter, a glass of wine in hand.” When you first walk in, you’ll hear feel-good music, you’ll see greenery hanging just about everywhere and sun beaming in through the balcony doors, and best of all, you’ll feel welcomed right away. “You don’t have to be an influencer or exclusive to come see me,” Wolfe says. “Come as you are and let me love on you a little!”

Though Wolfe had been a stylist for eight years, when her life took an unexpected detour, she realized she should have always done things the way she really wanted. “I learned that the space and people you work with are so important. They impact and influence you more than you realize,” she says. “I realized you have the choice to choose your clients, the products and techniques you use—all of it. You can change your mind at any time, just always do what’s best for you.”

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