Three Ways To: Get Softer Lips

If you’ve ever asked me for skincare advice — you know there’s one thing about me — I often hate when people ask me “What’s the one thing to…” get rid of or treat xyz? Ohhh, that question burns me up because there’s almost never just one way to achieve a desired skincare result. Based on your skin type, budget, access to products, time investment, product sensitivities, etc., there can be three, four or even five different options to help you achieve any given skincare goal.

In the series, “Three Ways To“, we will explore three product options to address common skincare concerns. And why “three”, you ask? (Nobody asked that!) I chose three because three feels sort of magical and manageable. I truly want you to achieve the best skin of your life – and three seems like a number you can handle. Today on “Three Ways To” I am addressing:

Three Ways To: Get Softer Lips

What It Looks Like: If your favorite matte lipstick isn’t applying like it used to, it’s probably time to add a little exfoliation to your routine. If your bare lips feel a little crusty when you rub them together, it’s probably time to add a little exfoliation to your routine. If even the the richest lip balm does nothing to relieve your dryness, it’s probably time to add a little exfoliation to your routine.

You get the picture.

Exfoliation is important because it not only smooths  the surface, it also helps increase blood circulation to give lips a more plump appearance.

When I first said “exfoliation” I bet you probably thought of a grainy scrub, right? Well, exfoliation can also happen using natural alpha hydroxy acids from sugar and fruit extract. Fresh Sugar Lip Wonder Drops contain a sugar and fruit extract blend to help retexturiize and soften lips. After applying this gentle leave-on exfoliant, smooth all over lips until it’s absorbed. Over time you will notice that lips are visibly smoother.

But if you prefer a manual exfoliation, try Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator. It’s a wonderful quick fix because the brown sugar crystals immediately break down and buff away flaky surface skin. In addition to brown sugar, this lip exfoliator is formulated with Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, which helps to give thirsty skin the necessary nourishment it craves.

I really wanted to throw in an option that wasn’t, well, actual skincare. Daily Concepts The Daily Lip Scrubber is a silicone lip brush that pops onto your finger. By massaging in circular motions, you help to improve circulation and remove rough skin, to reveal soft, plump lips. The Daily Lip Scrubber is also organic, vegan, biodegradable, and under $5. I feel so smart for adding this option!



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