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I’ll have coffee and a slice of fika, please! Or is fika both the coffee AND the slice of chocolate heaven? Either way, I’ll take it. Breakfast of Champions! 😀

I’m wearing SB Incensed again. I have the 4ml travel size and have about a third left, so still lots of juice! I just love this one in cool, overcast weather! I probably will repurchase a 4ml again when this is gone. I don’t think they make anything in between that and a 100ml, but I haven’t been on their website in quite a while. Wishing for 10 or 15 ml sizes of every perfume known to mankind! Come on manufacturers, you can do it!

These dunes are no joke and I got quite the leg workout yesterday. While on the beach I was alerted by the dog to a pretty large, healthy looking coyote slipping through the brush. Only a momentary glimpse, but enough to realize he had probably been watching T-Rex run around like a fool on the beach and was sizing her up. She would be quite the Amuse-Bouche for him/her. When we have the beach to ourselves, I usually let her off lead to get some exercise and she often will go pretty far away as she explores. I’m usually not too concerned as long as I can see her and she responds to my recall. But, realized yesterday that Wylie Coyote could have run out of the brush, snapped her up, and that would be the end of my BFF. It was a good reality check and I will have to keep her closer to me in these types of areas.

We prudently walked away down the beach to carry on. On the trail back, I picked up a sturdy branch just in case. We had to walk quite a way over the dunes (my legs!), through beach grasses, dense shrubbery, and finally back to the camping area in the pines. We also saw a couple horseback riders, which I always love to see! Turned out to be a lovely day, weather wise as well.

Here is a view we had returning from the beach, looking east towards the Coastal Range.

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Smell well and stay well! It’s almost Friday! 🥳

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