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Tips on How to Colour and Care for Afro Hair — brownbeautytalk

Now the salons are finally open you can really let loose and experiment with your hair. One of the ways of doing this is by colouring it, which is a great way to mix things up and add change to your look.

However, this comes with its issues such as dryness and weakening your hair structure. Schwarzkopf is a brand that a lot of Black and Asian women use to colour their hair at home, so we decided to seek their professional advice regarding getting your hair coloured at the salon. Professional Ambassador, Tim Scott-Wright, gave us some advice on the best way to have your hair coloured in the salon and some tips on the aftercare.

I am thinking about dying my hair, how should I prepare my hair for it to be dyed?

If your hair is weak, products such as Fibre Force and Fibre Clinix will help to the prep the hair for any service. These products help to maintain the hair structure, meaning you can go into a colour service confidently. 

What colours work well on afro hair?

All colours will work on afro hair. Even bleaching is possible now using the Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe range. BlondMe has a bond protector built into the bleach that protects 90% of the hair bonds whilst colouring, making anything achievable.

How long will the dye last for?

This is all dependant on the hair colour to begin with. Permanent colour, highlights and full head scalp bleaches will all grow out as the hair grows. Semi-permanent colour can last between 10 washes and six weeks, depending on whether the colour is quasi or demi. 

How do you look after your hair after having it dyed?

It’s always best to ask your hair stylist to recommend the right hair care products for your hair. Personally, I would recommend Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe for all my blonde clients and the Schwarzkopf Professional BC Colour Freeze range is great for darker hair colours. I would also strongly recommend the Mad About Curls for all afro hair clients, as it offers amazing over all care for curly hair.

How often should I go for touch ups?

This is all dependent on what type of colour service you have had. Root touch ups on a full head colour need to be around every four to six weeks. For highlights and balayage, the time between appointments can b much longer due to the colouring technique.

Can you give us some product recommendations?

Whist different in texture due to the structure of the hair, afro hair still needs the same care as Caucasian hair. Schwarzkopf Professional offer a wide array of great products perfect for afro hair care. The BC Barbary Fig Oil is a personal favourite, it is great to style with and is also good to use as a leave in oil. It can produce a little product steam when styled, but this is completely normal. Another Schwarzkopf Professional range perfect for afro hair is the Mad About Curls range. The formulas intensively moisturise and strengthen the hair, while providing a care shield, for touchable definition and protection against breakage and heat.

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