To all the estheticians I was before…-Therapeutic Skin Coach

As many of you have seen through my years of this blog, I’ve changed a lot. The esthetician who posted in 2011 loved waxing and the esthetician who posted in 2016 loved layering different modalities. The esthetician in 2019 however is the most mothering to my former self because I finally can understand an aspect of my business that I felt ashamed of before. There were years where I got so many opportunities that I wasn’t equipped for. Whether it was a celebrity client trying me out or getting an ultra-complex case of a inflammatory skin that I couldn’t heal fast enough for a client. My verbiage, knowledge, and intentions have really evolved the more I learn about health in general. The base education that I received was profound to me at the time. I learned about the anatomy of our body and how the skin reflects that health of our different systems. I felt like an absolute genius when I left school because I was able to properly identify muscles of the face and explain the happenings of skin imbalances. Or at least I thought I did. The truth is that the education of a licensed esthetician in the United States varies from state to state. We take the base of what we acquire and then its up to us to learn through additional credentials, which also helps us keep our licenses up to date since we are required a certain amount of advanced education credits yearly to maintain an active license.

I recently obtained my certification for Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage for the face and neck. It was the first 20 hours of a potentially 40 hour course that I could take on the subject. They call it the basic course and the additional 20 hours are the advanced course (which I hope to take in the spring). The class had a variety of estheticians with as little as 2 years experience to 25 years experience. Many ladies I know from social media or previous classes, and the knowledge base going into this class was already really strong from everyone attending. Yet many of us admitted that we were blown away from the information provided by the Vodder school on the lymphatic system. The theory was so intense that we would draw blanks when the teacher asked us questions on the subject she had just taught us. We found ourselves asking questions about clients we are currently treating and felt betrayed by previous education that furthered our clients from the potential of a healed complexion. I personally think of the clients I had throughout the years that I would have treated differently if I were to only have known the information I know now. Isn’t that how we tend to find ourselves after periods of growth? “If I only knew what I know now, maybe I would be better off.” That mentality can often cripple me because I run my own business and find that many people rely on me as their skincare guru. For the last decade, because of the way I present myself and the knowledge I keep acquiring I have found myself to be a resource for so many people. I later explained this feeling to my husband who reminded me of how lucky I am to not always be the smartest person in the room (which I’m not claiming to be – but you get what I’m saying). Learning a new theory may not help my past clients, but perhaps the esthetician I was before did somehow. Even if it is a reminder to be gentle with yourself or an introduction to a new skincare product.

I can’t and will never have all the answers to everyone I treat because of two reasons. The first is that information is continuously evolving. Even the research on the lymphatic system has evolved from when my teacher had first started teaching the course. With any subject involving the human body, we most likely will never have all the answers. Which leads me to my second reason of how each person is an individual that will never be replicated. What worked for me will most likely not work for you and what worked for you will most likely not work for the next person. I can’t expect to offer a perfected holistic approach to skincare when all elements of our atmosphere and biology are evolving everyday. It is evolving as we are evolving.

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