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Whether it’s to start your day or to enhance your nighttime routine, as long as it is applied to clean skin, there isn’t a wrong time to use a face mask. Masks can target specific concerns in the skin, from promoting anti-aging to clearing up breakouts. Used after exfoliation and extractions during a facial, masks soothe calm and moisturize, supporting the lipid barrier.

During my OE Signature Facial, I either use a calming white clay mask, loaded with antioxidants, that increases cellular activity, or I use a mask that doubles as a conductor for microcurrent, which we’ll talk about more during my next post. At home, you could easily use a mask daily if you have the time to target each days’s specific needs. But let’s be real; even in quarantine, finding time for daily masking can be a challenge, shoot for one mask a week.

Pro Tip: To increase calming and soothing effects, pop your mask into the fridge before applying or use a chilled gemstone tool over your mask. The cold temperature constricts blood vessels, decreasing redness while firming the skin, in addition to stimulating the arrector pili muscle in the hair follicle, expelling barrier protecting sebum.

Using a tool, like a gemstone roller or the backside of your cleansing device, over your mask increases product penetration and can stimulate drainage, removing waste while depuffing the face.

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