Trends, tutorials and toes are big in eyebrow beauty

Defined, fluffy, natural, bleached, or laminated—whatever the consumer favorite, brow beauty trends are rapidly evolving. As lockdowns lift and people focus on makeup creativity, brow trends are shifting to reflect popular styles, designs, colors and techniques.

Recent data on social media engagement reveals the current trends that brow fans love, the brands and social platforms dominating the brow scene, and the strategic shifts that need to take place to keep up with changing demands. 

After carrying out research on the latest eyebrow insights, Pulsar reveals the leading brow-based conversations on Twitter between 16th July to 18th August 2021. The gathered data was captured from searches across a variety of platforms, including Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook as well as Reviews.

The brow conversation on social

MAC was the most discussed brow brand with 15,100 mentions, Pulsar’s research shows. Anastasia Beverley Hills was second with 4,180 nods, followed by Benefit at 2,010, Lime Crime at 1,980 and Milk at 1,890. 

‘Natural’ led as the most-used descriptor when referring to brows with 28,000 mentions. However, ‘edges out full’ came a close second with 27,000, while ‘soft’ came in third at 12,000.

Across visual social media platforms, Instagram and Pinterest, #browsonfleek was the most popular hashtag with 22,700 mentions. The second most mentioned hashtag for eyebrows and brows was #browsonpoint at 21,200, followed by microblading with 19,700 mentions.

Interacting with tutorials

“Brow tutorial videos play a big part in popularizing both ambitious styles and the ‘Skindie’ brands,”​ said Alex Bryson, Content Lead at Pulsar Platform.

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