TSC list of Facial do’s and don’ts-Therapeutic Skin Coach

Lastly, the important thing to remember is that with most facialists (especially when you find the right one), the longer your relationship the better the experience. Sure, sometimes people have outgrown me or I have outgrown them, but for the most part, the longer I know a client the easier it is to treat them. A first time client is getting the first date version of me – I’m putting my best foot forward but there are a lot of layers we’ve yet to un-peel.

Don’t expect perfect results with a single session but also have agency and provide feedback on your experience. Maybe you didn’t like a product or a recommendation OR you loved another element of the experience. All of the feedback only improves your relationship with your facialist. Your facialist will be thrilled to make amendments as any feedback provides valuable insight about you! I hope this is helpful and that you feel more confident in how to navigate your future facial. Just remember that there are no dumb questions so ask your esthetician to help you better your experience. 

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