Understanding the Business and Ecosystem Value of Biodiversity

“The Business and Ecosystem Value of Biodiversity”​ explored how businesses using science-based targets can collaborate with partners throughout the value chain to protect biodiversity.

A key takeaway: “Biodiversity is not an add-on. It is also not a nice-to-have​,” s​aid Scott Miller, Senior Sustainability Consultant at Quantis. “We all are interconnected.  The harm we inflict upon our planet’s biodiversity is the harm we do to ourselves. We must reverse this trend, and we must do so now.”

Biodiversity ‘not an add-on’

The webinar identified biodiversity as a material risk, stressing the need to future-proof businesses against their own impacts on species, ecosystems and genetic diversity.

“When healthy and diverse ecosystems exist, they deliver something known as ecosystem services,” ​Miller explained. “These are absolutely essential to maintaining our economy and our very existence.”

The path forward, he says, requires businesses to establish visions that acknowledge industry’s impact on biodiversity loss and missions that set ambitious goals to tackle dependencies and impacts on biodiversity.

“Having a sustainability strategy without considering biodiversity is simply not good enough,” ​Miller emphasized, citing added pressures by scientists, NGOs, consumers, investors and international frameworks to counter “mass extinction and ecosystem collapse”.

Integrating biodiversity for business resilience

To build resilient businesses that “contribute to a nature-positive world”, ​Quantis calls for a shift in strategy away from a “siloed approach with targets for incremental improvements”​ towards an “integrated strategy aligned with the needs of the planet.” ​ 

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