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One of the hardest parts of owning a business for me is the financial side of it. As you may all know by now I’m not a business major who has had a set plan from the start of my business. I was literally left with no other option but to start my own business after leaving my last spa job when I had shingles. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to how much my services are worth but at the end of the day it came down to how much I value myself. Starting this at 27 out of fear of going broke there were many times when I undervalued myself just to get people in the door. What never dawned on me was that when I worked in other offices I was doing $300 services and my clientele never blinked on the cost. So why was it hard for me to recognize that I’m worth the industry standard (and much more).

It started off with my survival instincts that I know how to never go broke, but I didn’t know how to make more than that. I made myself small for so many years just to survive (barely) but when it came to my offerings, I was big on impact. I would work for free, discount my service and overdo it time and time again. Up until a few months ago I still needed the support of another job in order to just break even every month. I started looking at the value of my time per hour and realized that I’m worth so much more than what I was charging. That’s when the shift happened. Having over a decade of experience in my field means that I can provide a guide for you based on expertise, intuition, and my non-stop, overflowing care. I have created an offering that most spas would never have expected of me. For those of you who haven’t experienced my work yet here is a little insight to what my Therapeutic Skin Coaching entails:

A mind, body, spirit approach to your skin. We start with an evaluation of your health history – including everything from your environment, age, genetic makeup, hormone health, immunity, medication history, supplement and nutrition history, exercise and sleep patterns, and lastly a custom regimen tailored to your needs and lifestyle. This is all done with non-toxic ingredients and an intuitive approach to self-care and love. I also provide different modalities to help enhance the efficacy of the natural products that I use. Beyond that, I am in continuous conversation with my clients. Supporting them through email, text and other means of communication. The work on my end is non-stop until you get to realize your own worth and why you are deserving of the skin you want.

As previously announced in my newsletters my rates will be going up starting January 2018. I get that skincare might feel like a luxury to some and a necessity for others. I feel that I have been able to provide an approachable and attainable service for a wide variety of people. This piece of my business is something that I don’t want to change so I’ve come up with some options:

1 – I will offer my current rate to be purchased at a discounted package price. So if you buy 3 or more signature facials I will give you 10% off. Offer ends December 31st.

2 – I believe that just because you can’t afford a facial that doesn’t mean you’re not deserving of the care. If finances are what is standing in the way of your skin’s health, simply email me and we can come up with a payment plan or trade option.

3 – Since I’m training Jessi, her prices will be similar to my existing rates. She will be taking facials on Thursdays only as of now. So if you need a treatment between our times together, get in with her.

4 – A lot of you are able to claim services like mine to your insurance or employer for reimbursement. Let me know and I’m happy to send you an invoice any time.

I will also be implementing a 24-hour cancellation policy with a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your appointment spot or you can pay online immediately when booking. The reason why I will be implementing this policy is that if you think about any job with a salary or hourly position if you show up to work and don’t make the money you accounted for during your work day you will be at a loss. This wouldn’t be acceptable in any other position so why should mine be any different? My time, like yours, is valuable so I need to make sure that if I show up for you and prepare my day to serve you, that I will be compensated accordingly.

Since the skin is a window to your internal health, this can be overwhelming for some so we take as small of steps as possible. I don’t want to push products or practices onto anyone, I simply want to educate on how to get your skin functioning to its best ability. It’s more important to me that you see yourself with love than correcting a skin imbalance. This commitment to yourself is something I have to relearn time and time again so I totally get why people drop off or give up for a quick fix. The unfortunate thing is that most of the time, the quick fix folks come back and realize that it’s not that simple. Regardless, I’ll be here. All people are welcome – skincare treatments are not limited to the small group of women with the right number in their bank account. I’ve worked on cancer patients, people in transition, teenagers and everything in between. I believe the youngest person I ever worked on was 10 and the oldest was 97. There is no discrimination, just love and support because I see in all of you the beauty that you hold. The light that shines brightly. Sometimes I just have to help you see it too.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] You deserve to have your best skin and my support along the way. So looking forward to the new and exciting changes of the new year!

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