Unexpected Layering: Contradiction and Le Lion

Hey Posse! Hope this finds you all safe & well. Unexpected Layering? Yeah, we will get to that in a moment. I think Jin and I may be going a bit doolally. All this hanging out together in lockdown! In our ten years together we only ever spent this much time together on holidays. Fortunately Jin is a required worker so he does get to head off for work. So it’s not 24/7 but it is a lot more than we’ve done previously. It’s not bad. We genuinely like each other and are super comfortable at these close quarters. We also seem to have a long list of conversation, usually about nothing.  Jin has the TV and is playing computer games on it most days. I’ve got the perfume room for all my stuff. We come together for movies and food. We are both becoming enormously fat and are burping and farting with gay abandon. I’m seriously terrified that we may continue these awful habits when we are let free again.

Unexpected Layering

Calvin Klein Contradiction Woman and Le Lion de CHANEL

Well, here’s how today happened. Around midday I gave myself a few decent blasts of Le Lion de CHANEL. It’s a labdanum heavy amber fragrance and smells a lot like Shalimar if you take out the ice cream, a dark Shalimar if you will. Less showy and more temptress. Loved the ride, was sniffing myself with love all day.

This evening comes around and I’ve become nose blind to the dregs. Over the top I spritzed another great favourite of mine, CK Contradiction woman. Usually it’s a stone cold, dewy crystal rose from outer space. Tonight it was transformed by the unexpected layering. Still an arctic rose, but now with added labdanum it became a wild and feral rose. Darker, sexier, wanton even. It was like the last gasps of Le Lion de CHANEL gave my sterile, aloof, frozen Contradiction a lease of new life.


I’ve talked previously about both CK Contradiction and Le Lion de CHANEL here on Perfume Posse.

FragranceNet has Contradiction for a steal. Not affiliated but I love a bargain.

Have you ever had a brilliant unexpected layering win?
Portia xx

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