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To understand the full impact of Squalane, we have to take a step back and look at its original form: Squalene. So, what is the difference between Squalene and Squalane? Squalene is an essential hydrating lipid naturally found in the skin. As a building block of our skin’s natural sebum, Squalene is an important part of the natural lipid barrier on the skin. This barrier locks in moisture and protects the skin from harsh conditions like cold weather and pollution. A disruption in the barrier, often a result of using harsh, stripping skincare products and aging, can cause imbalances like dryness and irritation, fine lines and wrinkles and even break-outs.

Once we hit our 30’s, however, our natural production of Squalene decreases. To keep our skin glowing and our barrier healthy, we need something to replenish that moisture. So can’t we just bottle up some Squalene and replace what we’ve lost? Not exactly. Squalene in its original form is not a shelf-stable ingredient. It oxidizes quickly in its pure form, which can damage skin cells and even contribute to signs of aging. Enter Squalane.

Squalane is a hydrogenated derivative of Squalene that has antioxidant properties, making it the shelf-stable and skin-supportive answer to our dewy skin prayers. It is deeply moisturizing but differs from other oils in that it has a featherweight, non-oily texture so it is extremely versatile for almost everyone, even those with blemish-prone skin.

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