Uplifting, Spring-like Perfumes for All Year Round

Spring is more than a season. It’s a feeling. A mood. I always long to capture it somehow to experience its effervescence whenever a yearning strikes–the play of sunshine on rain-splattered streets, the confetti of cherry blossom petals, the promise of something new and beautiful. In this spirit, I’ve filmed a new episode for Bois de Jasmin’s channel and compiled a list of fragrances that evoke such a mood for me. It’s based on the list I created for my spring-themed article, and below, I add a few extra choices from the latest releases.

My choices mentioned in the video include my three green, unsweetened favorites:

Annick Goutal Duel

The Different Company Tokyo Bloom

Hermès Eau de Narcisse Bleu

The following group is mossy-earthy, with a radiant effect.

Ann Gérard’s Perle de Mousse

Vero Kern Mito

Next is a tea fragrance woven through with floral notes and soft musk.

Dior Thé Cachemire

For those who love classics, Guerlain has several beautiful spring-like fragrances. Chamade, Jicky and Vétiver are great options.

Guerlain Après l’Ondée

As for more recent launches, I would like to highlight the following three fragrances.

Atelier Cologne Love Osmanthus
Parfum d’Empire Immortelle Corse
L’Artisan Parfumeur Le Chant de Camargue

Immortelle Corse oscillates between the drama of spring and the languor of summer, but in the end, it’s vibrant and full of verve. Whatever the season, whatever the mood, it feels right.

Are there any new launches that have captured your imagination?

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