US aerosol associations launch free industry courses

The Mist:Understood Aerosol and Pressurized Packaging Virtual Classroom responds to pandemic cancellations of in-person events and mirrors itself on massive open online course providers like Coursera and Google Digital Garage to bring the industry closer to its constituents.

Sponsors include the Western Aerosol Information Bureau, Consumer Aerosol Products Council, Eastern Aerosol Association, Midwest Aerosol Association, National Aerosol Association and Southern Aerosol Technical Association.

Demystifying aerosol and pressurized packaging

With this effort we hope to not only demystify this world, but also spark excitement on what can be possible when using aerosol or pressurized packaging technologies,​” said Lorne Lucree, Western Aerosol Information Bureau board member and an organizer of the initiative.

“Aerosol and pressurized packaging provide such invaluable benefits to consumers in so many categories, but understanding the technical aspects is often complicated​.”

Raising awareness through tutorials is part of the platform’s mission to clear up lingering misconceptions about aerosols: “We’re here to set the record straight. Aerosol products have been a safe, and economical option for decades,” ​the mission statement reads.

And the answer to one frequently asked question about whether aerosol products harm the environment: “We get that a lot. No, they don’t! Ozone-damaging chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were removed from most aerosol products in the early ‘70s even before their use in aerosols was banned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1978.”

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