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Valentine’s Day Nail Art | Stamped Lace

Hiya guys! Are we ready for some much missed nail art?! Even with a YouTube tutorial as well. I’m super excited to be getting back to nail art even if it’s on the simple side. Something funny that I realized when uploading my video is that I tend to always come back to video tutorials with a Valentine’s Day design…. and then I disappear for the rest of the year. After giving it some thought I realized it’s because I swing into the new year with like guns blazing and my confidence at a high. Then as the months progress… well you can guess what happens. Maybe this will finally be the year I break those bad habits… finger crossed for me. Honestly although this look was created with Valentine’s Day in mind, the neutral colors make it easy to wear year round. I was going to originally create something a little more pink and in your face, but that’s just not my style at all. Plus I wanted to be able to make something reasonably easy to recreate and wear whenever wherever. So here is what I came up with and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Isn’t this such classy design?! I have always been a huge fan of lace and when I saw that Clear Jelly Stamper released a new all lace stamping plate I knew I had to buy it right away. It had so many designs to choose from, but ultimately I went with this kinda fishnet look. Mostly because the other designs would have been too busy with the second half of this look, which is the solid white border of course. That said, I will digging into this stamping plate quite a bit more so look forward to more lace designs I guess haha. 

Valentine's Day Nail Art | Stamped Lace

Here’s a breakdown of all the items I used to create this look. None of these items are essential, you can mix and match with whatever you have at your disposal. 

  • Polishes: OPI Bubble Bath, What’s Up Nails Blanc My Mind
  • Apple Barrel White Acrylic Paint
  • Ellison’s Organics (Lantern and Wren) Mani Defender
  • Clear Jelly Stamper Plate CJS-178
  • Winstonia Brush Berry Wine 
  • Top Coat: Sally Hansen Big Matte

I feel like saying I’m rusty at nail art can be considered an understatement at this point. Truth be told I almost didn’t even end up posting these because my first attempt was so terrible. I went to bed feeling so defeated and thinking that maybe getting back into nail art wasn’t a good idea after all. It’s crazy how much it ends up affecting my mental health considering I started doing nails as a coping mechanism. But I pushed through the negative thoughts and the next morning with a clear head and a belly full of breakfast I tried again. Success! It’s so hard to push myself through that negative zone once I start, especially once my bad perfectionist mindset kicks in as well. It’s horrible and the main reason you see my failing every year at keeping up with the nail art. One bad day is all it takes. So while I can’t promise that I will posting more frequently I can say that I will try and push through my bad habits. 

One of the major changes I did in my second attempt was switching to using acrylic paint instead of polish to create the border. At first I didn’t think it would be the deal-breaker, but it made the world of difference in my two attempts. The paint is a lot sleeker and thinner, which makes working with it much easier to control especially when it comes to making lines. You also want to clean your brush in between lines so that it doesn’t clump and creates thicker/messier linework. Because paint doesn’t dry as fast as polish this is also key! It’s definitely worth a try if you haven’t done it before, you can get a whole set of acrylic paints at your local craft store for $10-15 bucks tops. 

Valentine's Day Nail Art | Stamped Lace

And that’s it for my first nail art look of 2021! Having the end result turned out how I envisioned it definitely makes me super happy and pumped to do more. Though truth be told, I am disappointed in myself for not doing as many Valentine’s designs as I wanted. Since none of the ideas I had were too holiday specific I think I will still push myself to do them. I can’t get better if I don’t keep trying, so I hope you guys don’t mind some nail fails along the way, haha. So yeah that’s all I have for now, I hope you like the design and recreate the look yourself. Please let me know if you do or if you have any other ideas you’d like me to try. Thanks for always sticking with me and I will catch you next time xoxo Moonbaes.

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