Walking Down Scent – Lane with DAD

As you read this, take a moment to close your eyes and think about your DAD. Where do these memories take you? Are you back on that dining table at your old house; dad’s smiling and talking away, some odd jokes of his, he’s fresh out of the shower, smelling awesome, cooking breakfast for you and mom. Or are you back on your first day of school, you standing around nervously, his hug is all it takes to give you an unfound strength to walk in; his scent lingering around you for comfort, with your head held high? Or have you gone back to that time when he shared his secret stock of Diwali sweets with you, taught you how to drive in his car or took you for your first suit-fitting?


You’re smiling now.

Have you realized that while you were reminiscing, your mind helped you connect to the past, with your Nose?

Lately, we find ourselves too busy. Dad called, asking you how to watch a new TV show he heard about from a friend, you were busy. Dad sent you a joke on Whatsapp, but you hate forwards and ignored it. Dad asked you if you wanted to bring over the family and have a nice long lunch with him and Mom, but you’re Business Brunch is on the same day. And just like that, all we are left with one day, are the memories.


But hey, it’s Dad we’re talking about. It’s never too late to teach him how to use his smartphone or smart TV. It’s never too late to walk into his house with a plate of his favorite homemade sweets (hiding it from Mom of course!) It’s never too late to hug him and say Happy Father’s Day. To thank him for all the memories… to make new memories.


This Father’s Day, Gift A Scent to Dad.

Find your own special fragrance to say, “I Love You” or “Thank You For The Memories!” Thank him for the stories, the adventures, his late-nights in the office so that you could have this comfortable life. Thank Dad for being your Dad and loving you in the best way he knows how.


To all the new Dad’s, older Dad’s, Dad’s with kids moving out, Dad’s who have grandkid’s coming in, Dad’s who make midnight snacks, Dad who takes us for long drives and just every kind of Dad, thank you for being DAD.

Match your Dad’s personality with our signature perfumes, mists, aftershaves and gift sets. Every Dad is unique and it’s his DAD SCENT that holds a special place in our lives and hearts.

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