Wedding Prep for Adult Acne

The fact
that right now is not “wedding season” is precisely the point of this

In the
20+ years that I have been
specializing in Adult Acne, I’ve had people contact me just a few weeks
before their wedding (a few people, even just 2 weeks ahead), to book a facial
to get rid of their breakouts.  

someone tells me her breakouts are very recent from stress, that’s one
thing.  In that instance I tell her a facial will exfoliate, calm and hydrate her skin to prep for better makeup
application, but when it comes to clearing her breakout, I tell her it’s
actually best to treat it at home with my
Ice Therapy technique twice a day.

Ice Therapy for sudden Adult Acne breakouts

But when
it comes to clearing an ongoing acne problem that’s been there a while, it
pains me to have to tell people that this is something they should have thought
of months ago, not a mere 2 weeks before their wedding.  Acne clearance takes time!

The need
to plan ahead when it comes to getting your skin clear and glowing for your
wedding is paramount.  Always remember –
as long as it took for your skin to break out, it can take three times as long for it to clear up! 

pimple starts out as a microscopic blackhead, known as a Microcomedone.  Not every Microcomedone becomes a pimple,
most either stay microscopic or become the blackheads we’re all familiar with
or, in the presence of
pore clogging 
products, eventually become impacted and closed in.
  We call these closed-in impactions, “Closed
  You know those little
colorless bumps that seem like they’re right under the skin, that when you squeeze
them off-white squiggly stuff comes out?
Those are closed comedones.  It
takes 4-6 months for a pore clogging ingredient to cause a breakout of closed
comedones and pimples.
Acne Cosmetica - breakouts caused by pore clogging makeup and skincare

Now, if
there is any kind of inflammation in a pore, for any reason, however little,
the Microcomedone inside will exacerbate that inflammation as it grows into a
blackhead.  The time this takes is about
three weeks.  With marked dehydration, however, this can take a lot longer.  

So, a current
breakout can be from something you used last week that bothered your pores (what we call an “
acnegenic reaction“), a stress bomb yesterday, or
a clogging product used 6 months ago.
full investigation is needed just to guess what your current breakout could be
from **
and how to clear it**.  Yes, it does matter what caused your current
acne troubles, because I need to be able to advise on products at home to get rid of and
what is best to use instead.

From Clogging to Breakout can take 4 to 6 months to form.

So you
see, this is the reason you have to start planning early to
clear your skin for an important event. 
Even if clearing can start right away, you could still continue breaking
out over the following few months, clearing more and more as time goes on.
There are
two steps to this clearing.  Facials and
home care. 
Eval by Email, Virtual Skincare Coaching specially designed for acne sufferers ages 24 and up.Not much
different than any other need for acne clearing, this involves getting rid of
anything and everything that is clogging your pores, whether it’s skincare,
makeup, body care, hair styling products or residue from dryer sheets and
liquid fabric softeners.
  Next is
replacing all of those pore cloggers with products that not only don’t clog,
but that hydrate, gently exfoliate, and calm.
The best way to go about this is through my Eval by Email® Online
Skincare Consulation.

Here is the schedule I recommend for facials
leading up to the wedding:

  • One week before the wedding – exfoliating facial without extractions;
  • One and two months before – deep pore cleansing
    facial with extractions;
  • Optimal – facial once a month before that,
    preferably starting 6 months or more before the wedding date
Monthly Pre-Wedding Adult Acne Facial Schedule.
Schedule I created last year for a client

I prefer
to not do a peel at the first facial unless
alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) 
has first been introduced into your daily
skincare routine.
 AHAs, which come in
serum form and are applied before
sunscreen or nighttime lotion and left on, get deep into
your pores to flush them out and loosen impactions, and get the skin softened and exfoliated.
  A Peel
is one or more AHAs (or BHA) in serum form that is applied for about 5 minutes
and removed, and is much, much stronger than what is used at home.
  We get the skin prepped for peels by starting
at home first, so that there are no shocks to your skin’s system and we can
have a good idea already of what your skin can handle.

Peels are a very good idea for every facial
for wedding prep.  In the case of a more
severe acne problem, I’ll sometimes propose (ha! get it?) alternating every two
weeks between 75 minute full facials with a 30 minute peel-only facials.  This way we’re doing a peel every two weeks,
but only doing extractions once a month. 
I recommend this for at least 6 visits. 
Facials can also include LED light therapy, ultrasound vibrations for
deeper penetration of calming or anti-redness serums and antioxidants, and high
frequency Tesla currents for zapping those inflamed zits.

understand, please!
  You can do all the
best possible facials in the world, whether with me here in Chicago, or
anywhere in the country.
  You can even
have the most amazing, magical prescriptions.
But without proper skincare 
your adult
acne WILL NOT get clear or stay clear.
You must do the necessary work at home!

Your acne problem has a source, and clearing your skin requires finding that source and either eliminating it or healing it.  You can start that right now by filling out my Eval by Email® Online Skincare Consultation Form created specially for ages Gen-X to Baby Boom!
Eval by Email, Virtual Skincare Coaching specially designed for acne sufferers ages 24 and up.

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