Wednesday scent of the day 10/6 :: Now Smell This

About to get ready for a bittersweet appointment. They take medical appointments regardless of vaxx status.

I’ll end up getting the jab and am crying now. So much pressure from people who have never walked a day in my shoes.
People I love dearly question the ‘nutjobs’ I listen to. I read and bookmark and write down. Not just watch PBS, CNN or FOX.

Have to get my affairs in order first, get rid of as much as possible and get Living Will. I want my Last Rites prior to going in and letters left for those who have constantly been on my rear. I know people will say others care, but unless you have really scary medical conditions that can kill you, those that love you should lay off. So much more to it, but I won’t bore you.
I know this is very divisive, so please remove if so.
I’ll be wearing Heavenly. My mother and father are here with me in that scent and boy, do I need them.
I’ll read comments later, if any and hope there’s no hate here. I cant take it anymore.

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