WGSN colour trends 2023 predict reassuring blues and planet-friendly pigments

With some experts predicting COVID-19’s consumer behaviour influence to extend for a decade or more​​,​ come Spring/Summer of 2023, WGSN said a renewed sense of healing and hope felt by emotionally complex, lockdown-afflicted consumers seeking security would drive interest in ‘saturated tones’, ‘organic colour sources’ and ‘metallic shades’.

“Consumers will rediscover their love of colour cosmetics post-pandemic, embracing makeup that is both special and practical,”​ WGSN director of beauty, Jenni Middleton, told CosmeticsDesign-Europe.

Home: The new post-lockdown salon for healing and balance

“Colours will be restorative, healing, balancing and grounding. We will see lots of reassuring blues, because of their association with hygiene and cleanliness, but also decadent, rich colours to give us a sense of luxury – so colours such as lazuli blue to reflect the preciousness and the special treat that makeup is for many,” ​Middleton said.

WGSN behavioural data also showed consumers were using more cosmetic products for at-home, self-care rituals that were becoming quotidian events, she said.

“We’re seeing an at-home beauty tech uptick as people have got used to – and in fact enjoyed the experience of – replicating the salon experience at home,” ​she said. “As consumers face new challenges, healing will become a built-in habit in their everyday lives. We expect recuperation rituals to drive forward colours that feel restorative and balancing, supporting physical and mental health.” 

Plumping for ‘planet-friendly pigments

As CosmeticsDesign-Europe highlighted in December 2020​​, the WGSN report also predicted clean label, organic and natural ingredients would be prioritised by consumers concerned with both ecological and personal wellbeing.

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