What are the Benefits Of Tomato For Sikin?

What are the benefits of tomato for skin? We will give you recipe from famous beautician’s tomato mask. Skin whitening mask from Ethel May Nicholson, tomato mask for skin blemishes from Ida Dalser All of them in our article

The most basic benefits of tomato are

  • Because it has vitamins and minerals which skin need, it contributes to appear healthier and shinier of skin.
  • it balances skin’s oil ratio. It helps to moisturize skin of people who have dry skin type. It provides the skin smooth appearance.
  • It protects skin against ultraviolet ray.at the same time it helps to remove skin blemishes which are due to the sun rays.
  • It contains anti-oxidants. Beside revitalizing, it provides regeneration of skin.
  • It has salicylic acid than help to remove pimples.
  • It shrinks pores, and at the same time tightens skin.
  • It is food that brighten and whiten of skin.
  • It removes dead skin .it help to get rid of matt and pale appearances because it contains A, C, K vitamins.
  • It provides young and beautiful appearance.
What are the Benefits Of Tomato For Sikin?
What are the Benefits Of Tomato For Sikin?

Whitening mask with beauty expert Ethel May Nicholson

Wash tomato and whisk with mixer. Result of this add flour in tomato pulp and mix them. Then this mixture is applied to face and keep waiting for five minutes. This mask can do every day of week. It benefit for freckles and scars, also wighten your skin. This mask is natural and can be done at home.

Remove blemishes with tomato mask ( beautician Ida Dalser)

Quarter tomattoes grated and add in rice flour 2 teaspoons. This mixture is mixed until solid consistency. Then apply everywhere of face except eye contour. Wait 15 minutes and clean your face. You should apply in the evening and once a week


Crush 1 medium tomato and add lemonade juice half teaspoons andhalf teaspoon of turmeric powder. Also 1-2 teaspoon wheat flour is added and this mixture is applied on eye contour. You should wait 15-20 minute. Wash your face and you can do this three days a week.

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