What every city transplant needs for their skin care-Therapeutic Skin Coach

Recognizing the shifts in allergens, pollutants and even in water quality will help you understand why your skin is having a hard time adjusting. Knowing this as I would go on to move to Texas at 21 and California at 25, I chose to move at very strategic times so my body wouldn’t be shocked by all the change. That way I was able to transition with the seasons and the different allergens accordingly. I recommend implementing air purifying plants, a humidifier (if you are from a humid climate) and water filters to your new home. All of these simple investments can save your skin from having to fight so hard to adjust to a new environment. It will slowly start to recognize the different components and finally ease up a little. 

Find support

Skincare can definitely support you in these times but if you’re unaware of the root cause of an inflammatory issue you may unintentionally be mistreating it. For example, if you are having an environmental reaction but it doesn’t look much different than a regular breakout, you may be doing more harm than good. Simplify and work on supporting your barrier with calming and single sourced ingredients. It’s also important to recognize that you are eating new types of foods from different sources. Go to your local farmers market’s and ask for a little education on what is in season as well as where each food is sourced from. This will help your body slowly regulate to your next environment. 

I hope this short list helps you make the connection for why your skin may be feeling a little off if you’ve recently relocated. For more information, join Skin Food Talk on Friday July 21st for our Signature Talk where we dive into other imbalances and how to navigate them from within. Sign up at Conscious City Guide and I hope to see you there! 

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