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Every day we set an intention for ourselves, whether we are conscious of it or not. I get to work on a diverse group of people all the time and there are two major things that I see as a commonality amongst my clients time and time again:

1 – They all have skin (duh). 


2 – There are disconnects with their intention for themselves and intention for their skin.

You can’t commit to being healthy or loving to yourself and exclude your skin in that factor. Your skin is part of the package people so it’s important to remember that you can put forth just as much love in your skin as you do everything else. So how do you start setting intentions for your skin? Here’s how to do it.

You know how if you wake up in a bad mood and don’t consciously work to shift your mindset, your day will continue being bad. Or it may even get worse? The same exact thing happens with your skin. If you’re already dealing with an imbalance of sorts in your skin the last thing it will respond to is your negative thoughts towards it. Skin needs to be nourished and loved, just like a plant, animal or a relationship. If you treat it with disrespect, neglect or hatred – it will only react accordingly.

So the first thing to do is to think about what your intention is with your skin in the first place? If a physical intention is the first thing to pop up for you try to quiet it down, put it aside and come back to it later. This includes “I want my skin to clear up”, “I want my skin to feel flawless” or “I want to get rid of (insert totally normal condition here)”. Those are all great and can totally be actualized but to make ACTUAL progression in your skin you have to start with how you connect with it emotionally. Try to come up with how you want your skin to make YOU feel; “I want to feel confident in my skin today”, “I want to feel balanced in my skin today”, “I want to feel beautiful in my skin today” are all great options. Once you know the feeling you want that’s when the mindset shift starts to happen.

You see, your skin is yours from the get-go, no one else will ever experience what it’s like to be in it and wear it other than you. We don’t attack our other organs with such critical thoughts like “I wish my heart was prettier” – no, we are grateful that our heart is doing what it is meant to do. Our skin is a self-healing organ with the ability to communicate internal imbalances. Each cell has DNA that responds to a multitude of different factors that can be linked directly to your lifestyle choices. This includes your stress level and the stress levels of your ancestors. We have unique DNA in our nucleus that can determine the stress patterns of our parents and their parents. There is also different DNA specifically in our mitochondrial that express patterns from our maternal parent’s stress patterns. So the best way to shift the outcome of your skin’s predisposition is to start with having a mindfulness towards yourself and your health. A simple intention can go a long way in the grand scheme of things and even rewire the DNA of your future generations. I think that’s absolutely incredible and empowering. So when we get the signal that we need to look internally for the answers why do we quickly want to shame ourselves on what it looks like?

The intention of gratitude for your skin doing what it’s meant to do is profound.

So next time you find yourself not seeing the changes you want in your skin try to reevaluate your intention. If you come at it with a place of love it will start to reflect back the appearance you are seeking. Your appreciation for your health journey will also help you uncover so much more about yourself. My personal intention starts with gratitude that my skin reflects my health so I am guided as I fall off my path. It directs me in ways that have changed the course of how I view myself as a whole too. So start with how you want to feel and express an intention of gratitude from there. I’d love to hear the intentions you have all come up with so feel free to comment below. And until next week, have a beautiful day!

xo – Hayley

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