When one door closes…-Therapeutic Skin Coach

I think that it’s safe to say that all of us are aware of how social media can be a tricky platform to navigate, right? I remember in our pre-instagram world when a couple could break up without the whole world finding out at the same time and feeling entitled to share their opinions about it. So I find that I often don’t know what to share and when if I’m going through a major transition. I am sure that many of you are aware of a few changes that have been going on with me and, after an unexpected miscommunication with an event announced last week, I think it’s finally time for me to address the elephant in the room. Don’t worry, James and I are not breaking up and the puppy is still a beautiful angel that we’re so excited to call our own fur baby.

After coming home from my honeymoon and having my second one on one session with my manifestation advisor, Lacy Phillips in December, it was clear that I needed to make some changes in my life. 2017 was equally the most rewarding and challenging year for me but it was clear that I was going to continue to be tested with the same themes in 2018 if I didn’t make a move that my heart was calling out for me to make. Which leads me to confess that in December I made the difficult decision to end my partnership with Skin Food Talk. This company was something that I have been extremely proud to be apart of since the very beginning. What started as just a simple conversation on how to get glowing from the inside out quickly turned into an empowering platform for so many people. The doors that SFT opened for us helped me expand my belief system that maybe, just maybe, I was capable of contributing something great to this world. So if it’s all so wonderful, why did I leave?

It’s hard for me to discuss without fear of being labeled as a quitter because essentially that is what I did – I quit. It’s also really emotional for me to release something I dedicated so much love and energy to. As a Virgo, I’ve been told it’s part of my stubbornness to really hold onto something even it’s not serving me anymore. I’ve stayed in jobs, relationships, cities, and living situations for far too long for the sake of not wanting to hurt or inconvenience someone. When I turned 30 I felt my Saturn return coming to a close but my universal tests were continuously presenting themselves to me on a daily basis. If you are in or have experienced your Saturn return, you’ll know exactly what I mean by that. I was finally on the precipice of becoming the person I am supposed to be in this new chapter in my life; a wife, entrepreneur, and a strong woman with my bright future ahead of me, but before I could finally truly stand in my authentic self, I had to finally face certain tests. A test is a life challenge that will reappear until you finally learn your lesson from it. Kind of like when you continuously date the same type of person that is wrong for you until you realize the pattern is in your hands to break. All those partners, as wrong as they may seem after the fact, are actually very important to your life because they are meant to teach you so much. 

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