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What exactly is SPF and why do we need it? Also can you explain the rating system?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The SPF rating system was developed back in 1962 by Franz Greiter to measure the capacity of a sunscreen to block UVB radiation. The current SPF rating system applies to UVB rays only, since those are the rays that cause sunburn. The Sun-protection factor system measures the length of time a sunscreen will protect your skin from reddening/burning from UVB rays, compared to how long your skin would take to redden/ burn without sunscreen protection. Let’s say it takes about 20 minutes without sunscreen for your skin to become reddish and start to burn, theoretically by using a sunscreen with an SPF-15 it should prevent the reddening/burning of the skin 15 times longer – about five hours. In Europe, Sunscreen manufactures are limited to claiming a Sun Protection Factor of 50+.

What should we look for when buying sun protection products?

Always look for UVA protection as well as UVB (SPF). UVA rays penetrate so deeply into the skin doing cell level damage. Try to avoid fragrance, preservatives and oils as these can upset sensitive skins especially when you are exposing to UV rays and your skin has enough to cope with. Remember it may be a holiday for you, but it is your skin’s most traumatic time!. All Ultrasun products are hypoallergenic with no emulsifiers, perfume or parabens, making it great for kids and sensitive skin. They also prevent the onset of sun allergies or prickly heat whilst allowing a natural tan.

Are you able to explain the UVA and UVB ratings?

At Ultrasun we work very hard on supporting you to be aware of the damage the sun can do and ensuring you and your family are protected from both UVA and UVB rays. Our products exceed EU guidelines on UVA protection giving higher than required UVA protection across all our formulations. These guidelines can be found here. The star rating system is a Boots initiative for products sold in Boots stores. products are tested by Boots laboratories for this rating. Our products are not sold in Boots stores.

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