Why I love the dentist-Therapeutic Skin Coach

In both of our fields consistency is key. Ever since I became an esthetician I would make the comparison that brushing and flossing are the equivalent to a consistent skin care regimen and that going to get a cleaning feels the same as getting a facial. You can’t rely on just one or the other, you need both for optimal health. If you don’t get a facial for a while your skin will start to build up and possibly lead to greater, non reversible issues. If you only go get a facialist when something is wrong you will also start to make a negative association with that type of care since it will most likely be an uncomfortable visit. You don’t want to avoid your teeth to the point where you need a root canal either because that’s an unnecessary expense all around. Plus, it’s incredibly painful.

When it comes to our total body care it’s important to remember that digestion starts in the mouth so if we are not caring for our oral hygiene that can throw off our whole system which can in turn create an inflammatory skin condition. Think about how connected our bodies really are!! What starts in the mouth can eventually end up as a reaction on our skin overtime – WOW! 85% of disease stems from poor oral care. There are several skin conditions that are also attributed to pesky skin conditions from conventional oral care practices such as perioral dermatitis. If you are using any fluoride it can lead to an irritation around the mouth that can look like a centralized acne condition. The great connection comes from when you are able to switch your toothpaste to clear a skin condition. It’s the perfect example of how connected and communicative our bodies are. There is no sense in treating our skin as a separate entity because each organ helps out the other. 

So just like your skincare it’s important to take preventative measures. One of my favorite habits is to tongue scrape first thing in the morning with a copper tongue scraper. This helps remove the build up from the evening and sets you up for success for the rest of your routine. Sometimes when I hear about a client who doesn’t wash their face in the morning it reminds me of skipping my tongue scraping because it doesn’t set your skin up for success. It’s important to create these habits and treat them as self care practice. It’s much easier to implement a short morning and evening routine for your skin and teeth than it is to try to turn back time later.

So the moral of the story is that as service providers, whether you are an esthetician or a dentist, we see how it can be a struggle to fit it all in at the end of the day. So when we suggest scheduling another appointment ahead of time or adding in a product to help with your homecare, it’s not because we want to give you more to do. It’s because we want you to live your most optimal life and we’re gifting you the tools to do so. Saying yes to prebooking and following through on suggested care is showing up for yourself and saying yes to living your best life. We don’t want you to live in the frustration of a potential condition in the future, which is what we are trained to prevent in the first place.

Thank you again for reading and book your next dentist appointment with Karla if you live in LA! xo – Hayley

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