Why makeup is a luxury, not a necessity.-Therapeutic Skin Coach

 If you’ve ever had a treatment with me you know that in my consultation form my very last question is what is your ultimate skin goal? I wrote a post about year ago about becoming makeup free and since then the most common answer to my skin goal question still remains the same – to be makeup free. I may have done a few of you a disservice by immediately exclaiming how easy that goal is because of my personal relationship with makeup. I grew up obsessed with makeup to the point that if I could translate the equivalent of my obsession to the current time, I would 100% be one of those instagram/snapchat/youtube tutorial gals. I loved creating looks, doing other people’s makeup and I was praised for my natural ability in this department. I booked jobs all the time in the beginning of my career that I can safely say that the spring and summers of 2007 and 2008 were spent with me at my makeup counter dolling gals up for events like prom, graduation and weddings. I loved it but it also taught me a lot about how many people lacked confidence, self awareness and even struggled with a little body/facial dysmorphia. My love of makeup started because of artistry but my relationship to it on an everyday basis changed because of my own evolution of self love and acceptance. So with that, I want to dive back into how being makeup free has nothing to do with skincare, it has everything to do with acceptance.  

So why does becoming makeup free still serve as the number one goal for most individuals I treat? Let’s start with connecting the dots by asking yourself the following questions:  

Do you really need makeup?

No. No one needs makeup and definitely not the amount of makeup we are suggested to use in the current trends. Makeup is fun and a wonderful tool for self expression but it is in no way a necessity to your skin health. Makeup can be a transformative experience. In my earlier practice I remember teaching cancer survivors how to draw their eyebrows back on after losing all of their hair or simply adding a little blush to give them a little glow. We’ve also witnessed mastery in makeup in plays and in cinema which rightfully deserves it’s own category for award shows. To me that’s what makeup is for, it’s art work that can be used for good. It’s not there to conceal you and your essence.

 Why are you using makeup?

If it’s to enhance your features that’s one thing but it’s it’s to conceal yourself from the world, what are you truly shielding yourself from? We live in a world where even I’ve been told that makeup is required as part of a uniformed look for a work setting. In the past I argued against that standard and created soft looks that basically looked as if I wasn’t wearing anything so that I would eventually phase out of all makeup. The health of my skin is more important to me than meeting a totally pathetic and sexist standard. If I don’t want to wear makeup, I won’t wear it. If I want to wear it, I wear it. No ifs, ands or buts – my face, my choice.  

Would it be really that devastating to show off your uncovered skin?

Do you think that people are going to judge you for knowing what your real lashes look like – probably not. If they do, don’t you think that’s their problem and not yours? The only person this affects is you. If you are worried about how the world will perceive you, why not give the world your most authentic self without a shield. We live in a time where authenticity is being challenged because it’s scary to those who were never taught that being different is okay. Many women come to me with avoidable breakouts after they started seeing someone. They wouldn’t wash their faces at night for fear that this new person would see them makeup-less or, in their words, flawed. After a few months and a couple of painful breakouts later, these same people typically confess that their partner doesn’t care about the makeup they have on or not. If you want someone to love you for you it’s important that they see you without a front. It’s also not worth getting breakouts over.  

Is the goal of being makeup free realistic?

Yes, 100%! However this goal will only be actualized when you realize your worth is not connected to your physical appearance. You deserve to be makeup free if you desire because you feel good in your skin as is. Confidence and self love will translate regardless if you have the right shade of foundation.   

 A few days ago I decided to put makeup on because I knew I was going to be running errands and felt like adding on a little mascara. So as I was pulling out my makeup bag I realized that I had not opened it in over 2 weeks. I had a fresh, unopened Lily Lolo mascara (best vegan mascara for sensitive eyes EVER) waiting for me from a purchase I made over a month ago. It dawned on me that makeup is not a priority and I never feel like I need it. After applying a little mascara on I realized that I felt uplifted. I wasn’t feeling bad about myself in any way but just the option to doll up my lashes a little made me feel really good. To me, that’s how makeup is suppose to feel. My connection to my skin is so strong and I 100% believe that I don’t need makeup for any reason other than I want to.

In conclusion, there may still be work to do but just know that makeup doesn’t have to be a crutch. You deserve to feel beautiful with or without this added step for your skin. If you have a hard time seeing it I want you to try something…this is cheesy but trust me…I want you to smile. Never have I been called ugly with a smile on, it’s everyone’s best feature and you immediately feel delightful. So until you start to see the beauty that you are, fake it ’til you make it with a bright smile and just remember that it’s contagious

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful week! xo – Hayley

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