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The only nail polish I wear on my nails, if I don’t have a gel manicure, is Essie Gel Couture. It’s the only thing that lasts several days without chipping! I have a detailed post on how to do a home manicure that lasts here, but today I wanted to share the Gel Couture shades I’ve been reaching for this winter!

Last Nightie– a soft shimmery grey/pink. I NEVER wear glittery nails but the shimmer in this feels festive without being over the top.

Lace Me Up– a creamy white that needs about 3 coats to cover nicely!

Fairy Tailor– a sheer soft pink that its very subtle and natural looking.

Take Me to Thread– a purple grey that looks great on fingernails and toes!

Princess Charming– a mauve shade that looks really beautiful on the nails.

Of Corset– this shade is a slightly more caramel pink and is a very easy neutral to wear.

I always prep my nail beds with a light buffing. Then add at least 2 coats of color, finishing with 1 coat of the Gel Couture top coat.

p.s. speaking of winter, this coat is beautiful

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