WRKSPC Oasis Launch and what I learned-Therapeutic Skin Coach

At the end of the day we got the opportunity to attend an Ayurvedic self care workshop taught by Julie Bernier, and she just blew my mind. My esthetic training was with Aveda, which is an Americanized version of ancient Ayurvedic practices, but Julie reminded me of some simple practices that brought me back to 19 year old Hayley in beauty school. It felt cyclical to have these concepts reintroduced to me at a time where I haven’t been feeling well. When I was 18 I was so depressed that I stepped outside of myself enough to go forward with a path less traveled and I dropped out of college to become an esthetician. Having that depression led me to bettering myself and I overcame what I thought was my permanent state. Julie reminded me that Ayurveda is the science of life which includes daily routines and rituals to help keep your life in balance.

As a self-employed woman, I never really saw how my lack of schedule was possibly what was making me sick in the first place. She reminded me that our bodies want routine and her first piece of advice was to wake up with the sun. That means between the hours of 5 and 6 am. I’m an early riser because I literally always have to pee around that hour every morning, but I generally find myself heading back to bed for another hour or immediately staring at my phone and checking emails. Yes, I check emails as early as 5 am sometimes. Instead of doing that I have been waking up, peeing (which she describes as cleansing) and then I follow with her second piece of advice which was to tongue scrape. I tongue scrape everyday but maybe not until 9 am or if I’m not seeing clients, 12 pm (Gross to think about now that I’m reflecting but it’s true – lack of routine means lack of immediate oral hygiene I guess). We detox so much overnight that our tongues typically coat with a white substance that is meant to be gently scraped off to help cleanse ourselves of the waste we detox over night. There is a theme of cleansing in the morning that I absolutely adore and resonate with because it’s what I teach my clients – so why wasn’t I doing it too? Again, this circles back to lack of routine due to self-employment. In addition to this she suggested drinking warm water and follow up with meditation or simply going outside to connect with the world.

For the next couple of days following the event, I got an outstanding amount of work done without the initial anxiety I’m faced with every morning. I took notifications off of my phone and started to give myself what she described as the golden hour. Golden hour means spending an hour without screen time when you first wake up. I literally never thought I could get through this concept but you can get a lot done in an hour that doesn’t require your phone. I showered, did light yoga and stretching, had tea on my balcony, meditated for 20 minutes and wrote a list of to-dos with an intention for myself for the day. Some examples of my intentions stemmed from what was coming up for me during my meditations: “Simplify and slow down”, “Calm and confident” and “Surrender” were just a few that I came up with. Each time I lost track of myself, I looked at my to-dos and spoke my intention which brought me right back to where I needed to be.

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