Zen and the holiday weekend

It’s a three-day weekend. The sun has been out for days. The weather is decidedly warm.

I am thankful. After so much poor weather and stressful work it is good to have the space to just breathe.

Saturday started with a very intense yoga practice. The teacher continuously referenced the term Santosha (contentment).

Much time spent in the garden over Saturday and Sunday. Weeding. Fiddly things like getting single bits of grass out, picking up the leaves that the overhanging tree drops, cutting the grass with scissors around the wildflower patches related to the beebombs I planted alongside the right edge of the path. Mostly stuff that needs to be done gloveless (Monty would approve – I’ve never seen him wear gloves).

Cut back the hellebores.

The red rose Etoile d’Hollande is in bloom; the yellow climber and the apricot bush have buds. The unhappy honeysuckle is sprouting all over the map (and flowering); the clematis I had rooted from a cutting (which looked like it had died) is giving the honeysuckle a run for its money. Soon, next door’s Philadelphus will bloom.

The bees are finally showing up in numbers. I’m hoping the butterflies follow soon.

Walked with the dog early and late, when it was more comfortable for him (he’s just starting to divest his winter coat).

Making bagels to go with tuna salad and will watch Gardeners’ World.

Sprayed on some Le Labo Ylang 49 after all the outdoor stuff was done today. It comes out so well with warmer weather.

Hope your weekend is relaxing and enjoyable – and productive if you want it to be. If you’re wearing perfume (fragrance in any form), what have you chosen?

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