Zero+ collection: waterless, plant-based and plastic-free

“The Zero+ Collection was developed based on the concept that less is truly more and that creating zero waste is in turn creating positive value for both the end-user and the environment,”​ said Musa Dias, chief marketing officer at WWP Beauty.

The launch of the turnkey line is part of the company’s evolution from a color cosmetics packaging supplier to a full-service manufacturer of sustainable skincare, fragrance and hair care products.

Reduction: ‘Less is truly more’

For WWP Beauty, achieving “zero”​ not only means reducing waste, plastic, water-use and carbon footprint but also the number of products on offer and the time needed to apply them.

“Now more than ever, we are seeing beauty consumers increasingly adopt streamlined beauty routines based on multifunctional products – born from the desire to buy more sustainably while also simply saving time and money,” ​Dias said.  

The condensed collection includes the Skin Prep + Perfector​ blurring balm with beetroot extract, elderberry extract and sea moss, the Face + Eyes + Lips Enhancer​ with squalane, elderberry extract and sea moss, and the Brow Shaper + Styler​ pomade for brows, beards and flyaways with Jamaican black castor oil and fenugreek.

Items were developed as “gender-neutral”​ and made with clean, vegan and cruelty-free formulas for compliance with Sephora, Credo and Ulta Beauty clean lists.

Rebirth: ‘Zero waste’

The introduction of the Zero+ packaging line tells an added sustainability story of “Rebirth”, a sixth “R” that expands the beauty industry’s movement to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace and Respect.

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